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Vincent H. Hobson

Vincent Hobson has been a specialty contractor in the tile roofing industry for over twenty years. He owns and operates Custom Tile Roofing, Inc. in Denver, Colorado and inventories one of the larger collections of historic and obsolete roofing tiles in the region. Hobson has spent well over a decade researching archives and private collections across the country in order to compile this book and meet the need to provide for documentation and guidance in this complex and little researched field.

Hobson offers professional tile roof restorations and repairs, extensive consulting services throughout the United States, technical assistance, specification design, and is an instructor with continuing education endorsement for classes in identification, damage assessment, and repairability of old and obsolete tile roofs. He has been very involved in the restoration and repair aspects of a number of historically designated structures and has furnished matching inventory for numerous historic projects. Mr. Hobson also provides a web site for roof tile identification at http://www.customtileroofing.com .  Mr. Hobson resides in the Rocky Mountain foothill community of Evergreen, Colorado with his wife and daughters.

Melvin Mann

Melvin Mann, with his son Adam, owns and operates TileSearch, Inc. located in Roanoke, Texas. Mr. Mann was the pioneer in computerizing a national data base for historic tile and today maintains a large clientele of both sellers and purchasers of old and obsolete roofing products. Active in the identification and specification of historic and reproduction tiles, Mann has created the necessary specifications and furnished the tiles for historic projects from coast to coast. His experience, along with his collection of historical tile roofing data, has allowed him to re-create many of the important technical aspects intrinsic to the older historic tile roof systems. His commitment to maintaining and preserving the architectural and historical integrity of old tile roofs remains evident.

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