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“This volume is without doubt the most complete and comprehensive treatment of the subject ever to appear in print. It is quite obviously a labor of love and the culmination of many long years of dedication to collecting, researching and the hands-on preservation of historic roofing tiles and tile roofing systems. I cannot think of anyone in the country who would be better qualified to take on an undertaking of this magnitude. It will soon become an essential reference for any historic preservation office or for anyone involved in the restoration or rehabilitation of historic structures; and is an absolute must for any architect, contractor or craftsperson involved in the restoration, repair or replacement of clay or concrete tile roofs.”
— Lane Ittelson, Executive Director, Colorado Historical Foundation

“Perhaps the most thorough book I have ever read dealing with the identification and history of roofing tiles. It shall prove to be of great value in our design concepts of old roofing tiles and can be incorporated into many of our historical endeavors. Truly a work of art.”
— Bill Padavona, General Manager, Gladding, McBean, Pacific Coast Building Products, Inc.

“At last a comprehensive guide by which certain industry standards can be accurately established and maintained. A wonderful reference!”
— George V. Smith, President 1992-93, Rocky Mountain Chapter of ASHI

"...given the current national trend to preserve historic buildings... libraries, individuals, and organizations would benefit from owning or having access to this volume...."
— Reviewer: Kymberly Goodson, Reference Librarian and Coordinator of Reference Collection Development, University of West Florida John C. Pace Library, http://www.e-streams.com/es0506/es0506_1928.htm

"Hi Vincent,
   I recently purchased your book on tile. I really appreciate that you went to the effort documenting and photographing obsolete and historic tile. I'm a roofing contractor in Seattle, Washington specializing in tile maintenance and repair. I am often used by homeowners, contractors and a few manufacturers as a resource.

   Your book is going to help me be (and appear) even more professional. I've read through it and enjoyed the variety of tiles in the pictures. Today I used it for the first time to identify a tile. The ability to show the homeowner, call it by name and let them know I could now track down a few replacements felt great.

   Thanks again.... "

John Jensen
Jensen Roofing Company Inc.

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